About The Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Center

With the enormous growth of the Community in the US, particularly in New York, the Kerala Community had long felt the need for a Community Center. Such a Center could serve to promote the civic and other social service activities among the Indian American Community and also to serve as a focal point to coordinate the activities and services to the Kerala Community.

Under the leadership of Mr. E.M.Stephen, the founder President, Mrs. Mariamma Thekkekara, Mr. Mukal Babykutty… 

Our Aims and Objectives

Community center

To Establish a Community Center.


News letter

To publish a monthly news letter for the Kerala Community.

Discuss problems

To identify and discuss the problems facing Keralities settled in different parts of the United States of America.

Educate social responsibilities

To educate the Keralites in recognizing their individual and social responsibilities by involving them in public affairs which would affect their lives and that of the community in general here and Kerala.

Identify and honor

To identify and honor the outstanding individuals in various field settled in US from Kerala Community.


Provide cultural educational opportunities

To provide cultural educational opportunities to the Children of Indian American Keralaites.

Educational sessions

To provide opportunities for learning through educational sessions on contemporary, civic, economic, political, social and cultural issues affecting the lives of Kerala Community in the United States of America.

Information exchange

To facilitate two-way informal exchanges of ideas between members of Kerala Center and political leaders, including elected government officials and to develop an atmosphere of mutual respect, goodwill and understanding and also to encourage them to learn about major issues here and in kerala.

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Founding members of The Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Center

Founding Grand Patrons:
  1. Dilip Verghese
  2. TP Menon
  3. Shreedhar Menon
  4. Kurian Chacko
  5. Dr. Muhammed Majeed

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